In the future, the humans lost to diseases, war, crimes and calamities. Their population diminished to the brink of extinction. In order to survive, humans were grouped into Sanctuaries, where people were classified according to their genetics information.

The high group, called the “Dominants”, were those who have good blood and vitality; while the low group, the “Carriers” were those who have frail blood and were susceptible to illness. Although the Carriers may have low resistance, most of them are good receptors of mutation experimentation.

Mutation gives Carriers chance to rise to the Dominants but only if they pass several tests and requirements.

The story began as a backlash of a tragedy two decades ago, when one of the Carrier Sanctuary, the Gloxius was mysteriously terminated by the World High Governor Obnegon for an alleged outbreak. Gloxius was irrationally destroyed. No one escaped.

But beyond the knowledge of the rest , three Gloxius members survived. Master Arlon discovers and coerces these survivors to avenge their meaningless loss of families. Twenty years passed, they call themselves now as the Exiles.

Maggnu Conservatory is a few hundred miles South of the late Gloxius. It is a place where most Dominant children get educated and trained for the future.
Rowena is a top class senior student at the academy. She loves to hang out with her friends and explore the Edge for rare finds including Elsa. She is equipped with a high-powered blast rod which Linda has customized for her electric charging ability.

All this while, Linda knew she's human. But later, she discovers what she is. Linda is just a replica of a person and she is an Android.
Linda is not so special in regards to physical combat abilities but she has a natural gift for mechanisms. Her talent yields a power that only she can do--create life from metals and wires. She came to the academy to learn about the history of machines and somehow find out about a truth.

Linda inherited Mellow which is now her only key to locate his father. Now she and Mellow are inseparable.
Will came from a lineage of assassins and warriors and he was trained at an early age. He came into Maggnu as a prodigy and now as a Senior, he has become even better at his craft.

He tops his class especially in Cyber Kinetics and he has recently added invisibility to his line of abilities.
Dex is a Cyborg with arms the strength of steel. He is a small and an adventurous boy. He likes to go with Rowena to the Edge (Wasteland) to look for scrap materials for Linda. He is a happy-go-lucky soul but he is dependable, brave and is strong enough to protect his friends. Dex was born Carrier but he was transferred after a successful procedure. He was later adopted by a Dominant family at Maggnu. E.L.S 08 is a non-combatant droid which Rowena found at wasteland. Elsa will later be repaired and upgraded by Linda and Will.

Twenty years ago, E.L.S (Enhanced Life Support) units were first introduced to Carriers as companion robots to help them with their daily tasks. When young Emma met her E.L.S., she knew that it will be more than an aid for her. To Emma, E.L.S 08 was her friend and she looked up to her as Elsa.

But later, E.L.S. units were pulled back to the manufacturer. All E.L.S., including Emma's dear Elsa were shut off and dumped for good.

Now that Elsa was restored will she be able to come back to Emma?
Master Arlon previously served as Head of Gloxius Sanctuary before it was mysteriously taken down. Later, he was transferred to the next Sanctuary after his previous assignment. Unknown to everyone's knowledge and even to the Exiles, he was the one that planned the Gloxius' demise. Ultimately, he wants to undermine and eliminate the Sanctuary to restart the System.

Master Arlon, as a trained combat soldier, fuses his ability with surging energy blast which can deal huge damage to his enemies. Now he is even more unstoppable.
Governess Nagima, famously know as the Torch Witch is Dominant-born human who later in life, left her humanity behind to become a cyborg. "Immortality is Beauty" is the reality she wants for the world. In the long run, her goal is to become the one true source of knowledge and to transform every human to a beauty that's permanent.

Her conniving instincts lead her to Master Arlon.
Dr Isma is a mad scientist who works with Master Arlon even during the Gloxius days. His obsession with chemical weapons brought about the outbreak to Gloxius. False reports about the outbreak had reached the High Governor to the point when the termination of Gloxius Sanctuary became an inevitable response.

In truth Dr Isma, through Master Arlon's commands had just faked the report.
Munkeet is H.E.L.S (Human Experimental Laboratory Specimen). He is basically a product of thousands test and as a result he has gone "beyond human" especially in form. Eighty percent of his body is made up of metal and chemical compounds. A cyborg with a murderous soul, Munkeet recently escaped his cell and later, joined the Exiles to the Maggnu Conservatory raid. Grum is physically vulnerable but with Vipertooth, his hacked AI beast droid, he is almost powerful than any of the Exiles.

Losing body and almost being dead was nothing compare to the lost of his family during the Gloxius destruction, this is Grum's predicament. Now twenty years has past, although he's changed into a cyborg, he can never gain back his lost. He swears to uncover the truth by hacking into Maggnu's database. What will his discovery will lead him to?

Artstation Character Challenge

I recently joined Artsation’s character design challenge. The challenge is to do character designs in a world which is “Beyond Human”